Thursday, February 11, 2010


We live in an age where information is at the touch of our fingertips. The computer, cell phones, text messages are a big part of how my family communicates. The Spence Family is so busy these days that I thought I would use this blog to keep friends and family informed a bit more of the happenings of our lives. What is great about technology is you can chose to read it or not read it and I won't feel like I am boring you with all the details in person or you can just skim through all the boring parts! :)

So, although I always have the best intentions of sticking to a plan....writing down things in the checkbook, staying on top of housework, exercise, etc....sometimes I just get so bogged down with things and I don't follow thru. I can't promise that I will keep it up as I should, however I will try to do what I can.


  1. Just ONE more thing to add to that list of things to do!

    Do you have Raegan's gymnastics schedule yet?
    Saturday is starting to get booked!

  2. Hey... I love it! This is one of my favorite pictures of your family... everyone looks great!

    PS... add "n" to Raegan's name (:

  3. Great photos Deana! You're girls are all so beautiful! I can't believe how many years have gone by since I visited you in Aloha. I've got a scrapbooking blog, so I'm on the blogs a lot. I'm going to add yours to my side bar so I can see when you get a chance to update. Can't wait to hear more about your busy life! :) -Julie (Williamson)