Tuesday, January 25, 2011

End of an era

Commuting is not my favorite thing. The living out of a suitcase, constant juggling of schedules, airport food all can take it's toll. Sure, there are days I enjoy the solitude, especially after a morning of "she is wearing my shirt", or "it's my turn to have the car", but I know that these days of sibling morning squabbles are all too soon going to come to an end. However, our weekly family meeting still ends with "we want you to stay working for Horizon" and so I pack my suitcase and off I go again.

Then today is the big announcement that all of us true "Horizon" folks have been waiting for. Horizon's brand flying will soon be coming to an end and we will look like "Alaska" on the outside. Don't get me wrong, as long as I am getting a paycheck and flight benefits then I am a happy girl, it's just that it's an end of an era for those of us who truly love the Horizon Family. I have stuck out the past two years of commuting because I love the company I work for and the opportunities it has brought our family but I am not gonna lie and say I am a little afraid of what the future will hold. Time can only tell but I am hoping that we won't get swallowed up and forgotten. In the meantime, I gotta go pack. AGAIN!

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